The Akuapem Hills foundation welcome all forms of disabilities into the foundation and shall do its best to address issues pertaining to their need if it is within the foundations reach. However, we cannot promise a full satisfaction on individual problems brought before it. Our overarching focus is protection, poverty reduction and the promotion of social justice among the most marginalized and oppressed person with disabilities. The foundation seeks to work to challenge and shift barriers with persons with disability and their families to protect and advocate for right through solid investigation, advocacy, networking and concrete action in fulfillment of the United Nation Convention on the Right of Person with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS). Akuapem Hills Foundation Disabilities would work in a bottom-up, participatory and inclusive way. We would collaborate with trusted and reliable ground correspondents and experts to critically analyse, synthesize and produce fact-checked, incisive and up to date professional reporting. We would conduct rigorous ethical investigation through our own expert field volunteers and partners. Akuapem Hills Foundation Disabilities would take the necessary action through direct advocacy and by supporting strategic alliances and networks between volunteers, activists, policy makers and practitioners. These approaches would enable us to effectively file key information and knowledge gaps, and drive targeted advocacy, policy and practice on the ground of benefitting persons with disabilities.


Akuapem Foundation would operate in a sensitive and ethical way committed to respecting, protecting and promoting peoples safety, dignity, rights and freedom at all times. We are committed to producing fact checked, carefully analysed information that prioritises local voices, that is not limited to news value and that supports and triggers direct local action with high and sustainable impact. In this regard, Akuapem Hills Foundation would consistently collaborates with and support efforts by local and other activists, especially civil society with common goals to challenge and shift oppression. Akuapem Hills Foundation is not aligned to and does not promote any political, religious or economic agenda. Work is grounded and driven by its ethical code of practice. Akuapem Hills Foundation would produce a news letter on its activities with a special reference on disabilities annually.


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